5 Herbs for Kids Home Remedies

5 Herbs for Kids Home Remedies
5 Herbs for Kids Home Remedies

Not all health issues should be solved with prescribed med!c!ne. Instead, you should consider growing herbs for home remedies. The following herbs are kid friendly.


It can be used to treat your kids’ low fever, colic, headache, and indigestion. There is no proves reason about the side effects, but baby can get a little drowsy after taking it.


This is a good mild s3dat!ve. It calms down your kids when they are nervous. As long as your kids don’t have allergy to ragweed, it is safe to drink as tea.


It’s the perfect remedies for cold and immune booster. For kids with allergy on it, it can cause dermatitis. It can be drank as tea as well.

Licorice Root

Congestion in kids’ lungs and tummy alcer can be soothed using this. However, kid only needs small amount of it. It can be added on tea or meal.

St. John’s Wort

This is a popular herb to calm nerves and mood booster. However, it should not mixed with prescribed dru95. It can interfere the work.

Considering the benefits of those herbs, you should grow them in your garden. It prevents your kids from taking too much med!c!n3 and it is cheaper too.