Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate in the Right Portion

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate in the Right Portion

There are so many health benefits of dark chocolate we can take. 

It is low in calorie compared to other chocolates and most importantly, it is delicious. 

If you consume it in the right and balanced portion, here are some benefits you will get from this super food.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Dark chocolate contains pretty good amount of HDL, the good cholesterol. 

HDL will cleanse the blood vessel and will sweep the bad cholesterol away so that the LDL won’t clog your arteries. 

When the blood vessel is in a good condition, the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease will be reduced.

Improving Brain Function

Flavonoid is a really great nutrient for our brain and dark chocolate has a lot of it. 

It will help improving communications between neurons in our brain and it is proven to be a powerful shield against Alzheimer and dementia. 

Dark chocolate also contains caffeine that can help us concentrate better.

Great for Skin

This is one of the best health benefits of dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate is high in antioxidant and bioactive compound that can protect your skin against UV rays. 

The flavanols in dark chocolate will help improve blood circulation to your skin and it can prevent rashes caused by sun exposure.