Friendly Giraffes Can be Dangerous for Their Enemies

Friendly Giraffes Can be Dangerous for Their Enemies

There are many cartoons which tell about animal world.

The characteristic of its animal tries to resemble the real animal like how strict lion can be or how lazy rhino can be.

For giraffes, they usually picture on how friendly and beautiful giraffes are. It is not quite wrong because they are beautiful.

With their beautifully unique orange skin which can give them the sense of cheerful and their height which seems giving the sense of graceful, giraffe indeed are beautiful.

As for the friendly character, it is also quite right.

Giraffes are not really protective with their area of living, unlike lions.

Although they know their territorial, they can live overlapping with another herd.

Giraffes are not offensive but they can be really dangerous if they want to as they are born with tough body, high and big.

Their eye sight is really good and clear so that they can be aware of the predator and they can run with such speed.

However, even though they do not run, they can kick their enemies, usually lion and hyena.

A lion can be died if kicked by a giraffe.

So you better be careful if you come to see them; you cannot underestimate a giraffe’s strength.

However, as long as you are not their enemies, you are safe enough.