Garlic, a Small Ingredient with Thousand Benefits

Garlic, a Small Ingredient with Thousand Benefits

Garlic is very beneficial for the health.

This ingredient is useful, easy to find, and give great impact to the health.

Garlic is useful for the antidote from the cancer attack. 

Garlic contains of diallyl sulfide that has a role to prevent cancer.

For women, consuming garlic in enough amounts can ward off the breast cancer.

Garlic is the natural medicine for people with diabetes.

Garlic with thousand benefits is able to control the level of the blood sugar for diabetics.

So it is suitable as the natural medicine for the people who feel the symptoms of diabetes.

The other benefit is reducing the level of cholesterol in blood.

The content of bad cholesterol in the blood will certainly be bad for the health.

Eating garlic is a right step and it can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

It is useful as the powerful protection for the heart organ.

Free radicals are mixed with the inhaled oxygen can harm the health of the heart.

Garlic is capable of protecting the transplanted heart from free radicals that are scattered in the air.

Garlic also has the characteristic as the antivirus and antibacterial.

So that garlic can avoid many viruses and bacteria that can get into the human’s body.