Keep Balance The City Development And Orangutans Habitat

Keep Balance The City Development And Orangutans Habitat

Living go green is not just all about reducing the rates of greenhouse effect in many big cities, but it also all about how we can preserve the green area in our surroundings.

Because inside the green area, such as the big forest, inside there are many living things that need our help to live.

The most nature alert that we should take an action soon is about the presence of Orangutans.

Orangutan is one of unique animal world which is is protected by law and categorized as endangered animals.

In these few decades, the presence of Orangutans is steadily decreasing.

For instance, the presence of Orangutans in Kutai National Park are around 600 individuals on 2004, but in 2009 there are only 30 up to 60 individuals of Orangutans which still alive there.

With this fact, the orangutans habitat is in dangerous.

Like what happened in Kutai National Park, the reason why most of the Orangutans who disappeared in the national park is because now Kutai has been changing into the crowed city, complete with all of the noisy stuffs.

This rapid and noisy changing make Orangutans get stress and choose to run away from the national park.

Therefore, let’s make the our city development walking in the rhythm with the presence of Orangutans habitat.

As long as we can make all development thing keep in balance with the nature, our Orangutans will grow and live peacefully.