Many Important Benefits of Listening to Music for Healthy Body

Many Important Benefits of Listening to Music for Healthy Body

The benefits of music are various.

Music has the function as the regulator of severe pain.

The music works on the automatic nervous system and it can alleviate the chronic pain and for post-surgery pain.

In fact, music therapy is now used in hospitals as the substitute painkiller during childbirth, anesthesia and post-surgery.

In addition, the music acts as a distraction for the patient and it gives the control to the patient.

Music also forces the body to release endorphins to counteract pain.

While the music is slow, it is helpful to relax the patient's heart rate and breathing.

Who can guess that music is able to health the blood vessel?


The tempo of the music, the intensity, and the pace of the music proved to affect the performance of the heart.

Music with a high tempo can increase heart rate and breathing, while slow music lowers heart rate and breathing.

The heart can choose the music which is appropriate to improve their heart health.

Music is able to improve the visual, verbal, and intelligence of a person.

In fact, music can increase the intelligence of the brain, visual, and verbal skill of a person.

The capability in playing the musical instrument is one of the ways to improve the IQ-intelligence.