Indonesia was chosen as one of the world lungs country alongside Brazil.

This decision was made because Indonesia and Brazil are the last country in the world which has large forest areas in their country.

If Brazil has Amazon, Indonesia has Kalimantan Forest.

Kalimantan Forest is tropical rain forest type.

This forest is a heaven or an excellent environment for the animal world.

This forest provides food and water for all the animals in the forest.

As long as the forest remains good, the animal will be saved.

One of the living creatures in Kalimantan Forest is Orangutan.

Nowadays, Orangutan considered as a rare animal because there is only little number left of them.

Their population decrease every year.

People hunt them and this condition is worst by people illegal logging.

People destroy the forest to take the woods.

This illegal action makes the environment of the animal or the forest is broken.

If we do not take any action, the population of Orangutan will be smaller.

Orangutan will disappear from the human and animal world.

Their fate will be the same with the Sumatrans Tiger.

The Indonesian government announces that the government will take any necessary action for the hunter and the lumber on the forest.

We have to do everything to save Orangutan population or our next generation will see Orangutan only from the picture.