Their Unique Facts about Giraffe and Drinking Habit

Their Unique Facts about Giraffe and Drinking Habit

Who do not know giraffes?

Well, it is impossible as they are the highest animal in the world today.

Of course people have known it for its beautiful skin, long necks and legs, and its horn. Few know their habit in the real habitat.

If they know it, they will be amazed about this big animal which sometimes seems vulnerable in the absent of the canine teeth and meat in front of them.

Entering their daily habit, people can get excited.

For example, in their drinking habit, only few know that giraffe’s neck is actually too short for them to reach the ground.

They usually have to spread their front legs if they want to drink water from the ground.

However, it is not quite often happen as giraffe gets their water mostly by eating acacia leaves.

Although it seems that their need for water is not so much, they actually will drink up to 10 gallons per day.

As weird as it may be heard, giraffe actually can survive without water for a long period.

When giraffes bend down their heads to drink from the ground, they will not get blackout from the blood that comes down in their heads because giraffes have unique jugular veins in their system that prevent rush of blood coming to closed their eyes.

It can be seen that even in animal world, God has prepared their system to protect them.