Use of Deodorant Can Cause Dangerous Effects on Your Body

Use of Deodorant Can Cause Dangerous Effects on Your Body

Actually a normal human release body odor because the body has 6 million sweat glands.

But sometimes the smell interfere with the comfort that humans use antiperspirants to prevent odor and sweat.

But there are studies conducted in Canada found that prevents sweat that will come out can cause damage to internal organs and the brain.

It was terrible though very rare. 

Canadian researchers also found that there are some dangers caused by the use of antiperspirant.

Everyone has toxic metals accumulate in the body.

This metal is composed of mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium from food and polluted environment.

Exercise is necessary to remove the sweat.

If sweat is not removed, then the toxic substances remain settles in the body and damage nerves and memory.

Sweat glands help to cool the body.

When you have a fever or flu, then sweat must be removed with plenty to keep toxic substances out of the body.

Antiperspirants can actually increase bacterial rot and underarm odor.

Sweat caused by fear, stress, 53xual arousal produced by apocrine glands.

Secretion of apocrine odor because it contains proteins that produce odors.

The smell is caused by bacteria that break down proteins into small molecules and rotten.