Balinese Tiger

Balinese Tiger
Balinese Tiger

Not only does Indonesia have the Javanese Tiger and also the Sumatran tiger, it also has another species of tiger.

This tiger can be found in the area of Bali Island, a place which is known very well as a tourism place, not only by people in Indonesia but also many people in many places in the world.

The name of that inhabitant of Indonesian animal world is Balinese Tiger.

This tiger used to live in the forest area of Bali Island.

The number of this tiger was very few and it got fewer from time to time.

The final point of time of the existence of this tiger was in the 27th of September, 1937, when it was announced to be extinct.

The extinction of this tiger also related to the very small size of the island.

It was not suitable for the tiger because they only had a very small living space.

The extinction of the Balinese Tiger is something which is very bad.

People in Indonesia are now only able to know this tiger form some sources, like books.

Moreover, it is very possible for Indonesian people for not knowing that the Balinese Tiger ever existed at all.