Cerumen, The Body Defense Mechanism

Cerumen, The Body Defense Mechanism

Cerumen has the function as the mechanism of the body defense. 

It works to protect the sensitive skin in the ear hole from the dirt and the dead skin, or other object that can cause some ear problems. 

Cerumen is also acidic. 

Therefore, it also serves as the powerful compound of the anti-bacterial. 

Cerumen also has the slippery coating to prevent the dry spot to relieve the itch.

Inside the ear canal, the mechanism of the body is capable to self-cleaning the ear hole dirty if it is functioning properly. 

Earwax will come out of the ear canal. 

The process is assisted whenever the jaw moves to talk or chew. 

At the time of ear wax out on the ears that look, the safe passage for cleaning earwax exists. 

Basically, the presence of cerumen provides many benefits for the body. 

And efforts to clean cerumen from the ear hole will cause a lot of problems and damage to hearing.

Cerumen is produced in the third outer of the ear canal. 

And it is normally not possible to move into the area of ​​the eardrum that is very sensitive, but the pressure is from outside. 

Cleaning the ear canal with a cotton swab or cotton bud will push the cerumen into the sensitive area.