Comedy Films Can Bring Happiness and Refresh Your Psychology

Comedy Films Can Bring Happiness and Refresh Your Psychology

Do you know one new fact about watching comedy films? 

Yes, without many people know, comedy films can bring happiness and refresh your psychology in the best way. 

Yes, those simple and light comedy films are definitely a good medicine for your mind. 

But why?

On, a site about mental health, experts said that comedy films can be used to maintain a better psychology and mind health. 

Comedy films have something that other genres don’t. 

For example, if horror and thriller films will give you scary acts that make you nervous or panic, comedy films will give relaxing feeling and stable mood. 

Experts said that comedy films such as Dumb and Dumber can be good example to remove stressful thoughts. 

“Dumb and Dumber will bring you only laugh and will make you forget all sadness or stressful pressure.

” Experts found out that audiences who after watched Dumb and Dumber, they became more relax, calm and happy about their lives.

Not only that, comedy films can be good medicine for people who have broken hearted problems or after had big loss of someone they loved. 

Because when they have sad or emotionally struggled problems, comedy films will give them entertaining story without tendency to ruin their mood or make them feel angry or sad. 

“Compared with sad drama or horror, we will recommend comedy films as your anti-stressful recommendation,” expert said.