Dog As Your Healthy Best friend Can Give Happiness

Dog As Your Healthy Best friend Can Give Happiness

Do you know that dog as your healthy best friend can give happiness for your life? 

If you feel empty or something lost in your routine days, having a dog as your pet may be able to be the best recommendation to do. But why?

It’s because in many studies and cases, healthy experts said that having pet can give you happiness and avoid you from loneliness, long depression or sadness. 

That’s also the same thing Ian Cook, a psychiatrist from Clinic Program at UCLA said. 

Especially for people who just broke up with their couple or have trouble to build relationship. 

Dog is good best friend, they really care to the person, so maybe by having them as a pet you can get more happiness in your life.

Although the other pets will also give happiness but dog is a typical of friendly and adorable pet that easy to befriend with. 

“Dog will never ignore the person. 

They will love and care for you. 

That’s why for your instant recommendation, we will consider you to choose dog as your favorite pet in the first place,” expert said.

Besides that, expert told us that some activities with dog can be helpful to avoid stress or negative thoughts. 

Because dog is an active animal, the person needs to run them or having time to go out with them. 

This activity indirectly will give you benefit so you will getting used to do sport activity on your own.