Learn More the Risk of Being Obesity and Overweight

Learn More the Risk of Being Obesity and Overweight

In recent days, being overweight and obesity is not only a cosmetics problem. 

This also occurs to health risks problem. 

Children and adult that have obesity and overweight are increases the risk of health problem.

Obesity and Overweight Health Risk In Adult

There are several problem and health risk that appears when adult become obesity and overweight.

· Coronary heart disease risk is improves as your body mass index rises. Your BMI will rise during your weight gain. This health problem further can lead into worst condition such as heart attack and heart failure.
· High blood pressure is condition when bloods are forces pushing against the wall of arteries as heart pumps the blood.
· Other risk problem issues related with obesity and overweight in adult are; reproductive problem, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, type II diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, cancer, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, and abnormal blood fats.

Obesity and Overweight Problem Risk in Teens and Children

As increasing obesity and overweight problem in children, there is also increasing number of disease that developed for children. 

Type II diabetes is the one diseases that increase the number. 

Children are grow and developed in different rate between girl and boy. 

 Monitor the BMI index are important for maintain normal weight.