Stop Crocodile Hunting to Preserve Its Existence

Stop Crocodile Hunting to Preserve Its Existence

Crocodile can be categorized as one of the most ancient animals in the animal world. 

This animal has existed for more than thousands of years. 

Crocodile has hunted for their food long time before the human being exists. 

Well, by considering such fact, actually it is obvious that we must preserve crocodile’s existence.

However, the fact that occurs recently is quite pathetic. 

A lot of people are hunting the crocodile illegally. 

It is not because the crocodile is harming the people first but it is because the people are too greedy. 

For your information, the skin of the crocodile can be used as the material to make high quality accessories such as bags, belts, and the other things. 

And the skin is the reason why the people are hunting the crocodile. 

As the result, the amount of the crocodile is getting smaller. 

If this thing continues, it is very possible that the crocodile will no longer exist in the next fifty years. 

Our children and grandchildren will only be able to see the crocodile in the form of fossil at the museum or in the form of pictures.

It is a pity to know it. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended for us to stop hunting the crocodile. 

We need to know that we live side by side with the animals and thus, we need to respect them including the crocodiles.