Top 3 Simple Exercises for Healthier Body

Top 3 Simple Exercises for Healthier Body

There are several simple exercises that are simple enough to do, cheap, and it boosts up your health. If you fall ill very easily, maybe it is time for you try to do some exercises. Here are several exercises you have to try every day.

Walk or Run

Obviously you can use the treadmill, but walking or running is even healthier outside. You have direct interaction with nature, not to mention refreshed atmosphere and people who exercise too so you don’t feel alone.

Jumping Jacks

Yes, you need this just like how kids do it. This is a perfect exercise for cardio health and muscle toning. You can try doing it for a minute and add it gradually.

Leg Squats

It builds your leg muscles, and it develops your balance. Do it 15 times for a set. Try two set for first time trial and add it gradually.

If it is hard to do it every day, you can try twice or three times a week. It should give your body a chance to adjust and adapt. You will feel the difference, and soon, you will want to do a lot more exercise. You can start the simple exercises tomorrow morning.