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Crocodile’s Way to Kill and Its Unique Fact
Crocodile’s Way to Kill and Its Unique Fact

Crocodile’s Way to Kill and Its Unique Fact

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We all know that crocodile is one of the fiercest animals in the animal world. 

This carnivore, the adult one, can eat up a goat easily. 

Well, it all thanks to the jaw and the teeth of the crocodile. 

The animal experts say that the crocodile has the strongest jaw and teeth in this world. 

Even the jaw and teeth of the shark are less powerful than the crocodile’s.

Therefore, the possibility of the prey to escape once it has been bitten by the crocodile is very low. 

It is because the crocodile will not let the prey no matter what happens. 

The destructive part of the crocodile bite is not only located in the teeth and the jaw but also in the way how the crocodile is beating the prey by smashing it forcefully. 

Such thing will give fatal impact to the prey. 

The prey will be severely wounded and might lose its consciousness. 

It is the time for the crocodile to eat up the prey wholly.

However, it is quite ironical to know that crocodile has quite lame stomach. 

Well, after killing the prey sadistically, the crocodile needs to eat up some little rocks. 

The function of these rocks is to help the stomach to digest the food.