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How to Solve the Fat Problem of Pear Tummy
How to Solve the Fat Problem of Pear Tummy

How to Solve the Fat Problem of Pear Tummy

Pear tummy fat will make your belly looks slim on the waist area, but the fats are rolling on the bikini line. 

It belongs to the most common health problems of women especially about belly fats. 

Women with this problem commonly have larger hips and also a bigger bottom. 

So the body will look like a pear shape.

The Factors Causing Pear Tummy

Pear tummy fat commonly happens in women with the dominance of hormone estrogen. 

One of the female sex hormones dominance could be caused by genetic factor or other problems. 

The pear tummy could also be caused by muscular tissue’s benign tumor of fibroids that develop in the womb. 

The too high estrogen level can be had by women who consume too much farmed meat containing synthetic hormones. 

Besides, the synthetic hormones could also be gotten from chemical residue in water or plastics. 

Women aged 30-50 commonly suffer pear tummy.

How to Solve Pear Tummy Fat Problems

To solve the problems of pear tummy fat, hormone replacement therapy could be effective to reduce fats on thighs and hips. 

In this way, the women will have a body that the shape looks like an apple rather than a pear. 

Besides, it is important to prevent consuming foods containing high estrogen levels such as foods with saturated fats. 

Eat more green vegetables and seeds that are easier to digest; so it will help removing the excess estrogen form your body.