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Potential Health Risks of Drinking Wine
Potential Health Risks of Drinking Wine

Potential Health Risks of Drinking Wine

Unlike other types of alcohol drink, people maybe have ever heard about the beneficial properties which can be found in wine and it can be a great excuse for people drinking wine. 

However, people actually can also find some health risks associated with drinking wine. 

This can be good reason for people to skip the wine from their healthy lifestyle.

Liver Disease

Liver disease becomes one of the most understood side effects which people can find if they drink alcoholic beverage in long term. 

Liver has to work harder when people drink alcohol in large amount because the alcohol will be seen as impurities which should be filter out from the blood. 

The liver cannot work well any longer after it works too much during the alcohol abuse for years.

Fetal Disorder

Wine or any type of alcohol which is consumed during pregnancy can cause long term effect to the children. 

The unborn baby can suffer from some negative side effects of the wine including the facial features which are odd. 

It can also have smaller body size than other children. 

The children can also suffer from learning and behavior problems as well as birth defects. 

That is why it is better for pregnant women to avoid wine drinking during pregnancy.