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Prepare a Healthy Lunch in No Time
Prepare a Healthy Lunch in No Time

Prepare a Healthy Lunch in No Time

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Healthy lunch might be a hard task to do. 

It is because usually you are not in home in the daylight time, but that is not a reason for neglecting the importance in eating a healthy food. 

There are lots of place that sold healthy food, but the healthiness would be even guaranteed if you make your own lunch. 

Make and bring your own food to your workplace or school is a way in keeping your body healthy. 

Today, we would especially talk about healthy lunch that only need little time to be ready.

The first recipe is Chicken Salad Curry. 

You just need to combine roasted chicken with vegetable. 

Then, add yogurt and curry powder on that. 

Add some salt if you need some salty taste. 

The next recipe is Sandwich Toast. 

It might be the simplest recipe that you can make in no time. 

The filling is up to you, so you can just pick anything that you like and put it on the middle of the toasted bread. 

The last recipe is Spicy Soup with Vegetables. 

The combination of the soup and the vegetables can fill in for your lunch. 

Now, you would not have any more reason to skip healthy lunch.