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Stress that Cause Fat Growing in Belly
Stress that Cause Fat Growing in Belly

Stress that Cause Fat Growing in Belly

Stress tummy fat looks saggy and softer while the belly extends to the front like a pot belly. 

The fat commonly stretches from under the bust area and then making a soft roll that hangs above the waistband.

The Cause of Stress Tummy

Named as stress tummy fat because it is caused by a continually state of stress. 

A type of hormone called cortisol will free sugar to bloodstream as you feel stressed. 

In this way, your body will have energy to defend or escape. 

However, even though the body will use the energy, there are more energy that is redeposited in the form of fats. 

One of the most common parts of body to store the fats is the belly area.

How to Get Rid of Stress Tummy Fats

The main way to get rid of this health problem is reducing your stress and have some relaxation techniques. 

You can manage your stress by breathing deeply and doing some meditation. 

You also should have sufficient time of sleeping at nights. 

It will reduce stress and also prepare your body to fight the stress. 

Besides, stress tummy fat can also be reduced by eating carbohydrate sources that are slower to release, including the legumes, oats, etc. 

It will be effective in maintaining the levels of stress.