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Three Basic Dormitory Healthy Tips
Three Basic Dormitory Healthy Tips

Three Basic Dormitory Healthy Tips

Dormitory healthy tips are crucial for those who are new with the dormitory live. 

It might be a hard path to be getting through the whole concept through fully. 

It would be even harder if you do not use you in living by your own beforehand. 

You have to be careful in adapting to the new life where you have to do where you cannot easily neglect your household chores and school or work task. 

 It is because when you are living by your own, you have to take all of the responsibility regarding your action and need. 

To make your live easier, we would talk about three basic dormitory healthy tips.

First, make sure to own a precise timetable. Make sure that you have time to clean your dorm. 

It is the basic thing that you need to keep doing since it would matter much in keeping your surrounding clean and healthy. 

Then, make sure to exercise every day, simple stretching before and after sleep would keep you healthy. 

Do it continuously to keep your body healthy. 

Lastly, you have to make sure that you eat clean and healthy, and avoid junk food. 

Those three are the basic dormitory healthy tips.