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What is Thyroid Tummy and How to Solve the Health Problem?
What is Thyroid Tummy and How to Solve the Health Problem?

What is Thyroid Tummy and How to Solve the Health Problem?

Thyroid tummy is a health problem that is quite serious to get rid of. 

This health problem happen with the symptoms of the body, legs and arms that are abnormally going bigger. 

It is not a normal case of body that goes bigger for too much calorie intake and fats; but for the hypothyroidism.

The Factors of Thyroid Tummy

As written above, the main cause of thyroid tummy is the hypothyroidism. 

This health problem is sourced from the thyroxine; a type of hormone that is produced by a gland in butterfly shape in the neck. 

The hormone has the main function as the controller of calories processing from foods; to be fast or slow. 

In the women that have the problem of hypothyroidism, the calories consumed will not be burnt completely. 

It will make the body automatically store the extra calories in the form of fat deposits. 

The cause of this health problem hasn’t be known exactly. 

But some researchers believe that aging process is the strong factor.

How to Get Rid of Thyroid Tummy

When you think that you are suffering thyroid tummy health problem, you should see a doctor to get appropriate diagnosis. 

This health problem is commonly though as weight gain during the midlife. 

Besides, when the amounts of thyroxine isn’t enough, it may cause constipation, tiredness, as well as cold feet that all of them will slower the metabolism. 

You can get rid of this problem naturally by eating foods containing iodine such as green leafy vegetables, seafood and shellfish. 

Those foods will support the thyroid. 

Otherwise, the doctor will prescribe you some drugs with synthetic hormone contents.