Boosting Brain Power with Herbs and Spices

Boosting Brain Power with Herbs and Spices
Boosting Brain Power with Herbs and Spices

There are some common methods which people can use when they want to boost the brain power.

It can be brain exercises including meditation as well as deep breathing for instance.

However, it is sure that brain power can also be influenced by their diet.

People will be able to boost their brain power with certain herbs and spices after all.


People can keep their brain sharp by adding the turmeric into their daily diet.

The curcumin in the turmeric can be useful for reducing the plaques in the brain.

The plaques in the brain have relation to the Alzheimer’s disease.

The progression of this disease can also be slow down with turmeric because it comes with antioxidant properties.

Curcumin is also useful for improving the memory. It also has the antidepressant effect.


The brain health will also be supported by the thyme.

It comes with volatile oils which are useful for increasing the omega-3 fatty acids level in the brain.

This fatty acid is useful for protecting the brain against the cognitive decline related to age or dementia.

Learning and memory ability can be improved as well with the thyme.

DHA in thyme is also useful for ensuring the proper function as well as development of the brain cells.