Cancer-Fighting Foods to Add on Your Meal

Cancer-Fighting Foods to Add on Your Meal
Cancer-Fighting Foods to Add on Your Meal

To avoid various type of cancer disease, you should know about cancer-fighting foods.

As we know that some type of food are very good for our health, and also can prevent us from serious diseases included cancer.

Consuming cancer-fighting foods will make you healthy every time.

Here some cancer-fighting foods you can consume:


Garlic is the best food to be consumed for preventing cancer cell.

It contains antioxidant that is good to kill the cancer cell and also protect body component that is susceptible to cancer.


Spinach contains beta carotene and other nutrition which can prevent you from cancer and also has m3d!c!ne content that against cancer cell.


Berry fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry contain anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin is a substance that can stunt aging process, protecting body from heart desease and cancer.


Mushroom can improve your immunity system.

Consuming it routinely can make you spared of cancer, and also against serious cancer cell.


Tea is good to prevent cancer because contains antioxidant.

Some types of cancer that can be prevented by tea are breast cancer, bladder cancer and skin cancer.

Those are some cancer-fighting foods you can consume.

Try to consume cancer-fighting foods above routinely to get healthy body every time and spared from serious disease called cancer.