Carolina Chickadee Birds

Carolina Chickadee Birds
Carolina Chickadee Birds

Carolina Chickadee is a bird from the north of United States that is very aerobatic, active and vocal.

You will often see them clinging to leaves or branches upside down seeking for caterpillars, katydids, spiders and ants.

These birds like to eat seeds and berries. 

The bird feeders their favorite is black oil sunflower seed.

The Carolina chickadee is known in animal world because of its small size that weighs only 0.3 ounce.

It has a black throat and cap, a gray back and white belly and cheeks.

Its bill is black and short, its eyes dark while its legs are gray.

Its flanks may be tinged brown/gray.

In multilayered forest this bird lives that shrub along the marshes’, swamps’ and fields’ edge.

The bird also can be found in urban areas such as gardens, parks, wooded areas as well as bird feeders.

A group of Carolina Chickadees will build their nests in cavities after mating.

The cavities are old woodpecker nests or holes they excavate in soft wood.

These birds also use bird houses or nesting tubes.

These cute birds often use chickadee houses made by humans because they do not mind people.

Particularly in the afternoon these birds need to be in shade.