Comparing White and Black Rhino

Comparing White and Black Rhino
Comparing White and Black Rhino

First of all, only very few of us know that the color has nothing to do with the differences between white and black Rhino.

The Dutch settlers named wide mouth rhino as ‘Weidman rhino’.

This confusion started as the English misinterpreted those words and thought that the Dutch were saying ‘white’.

Here we will discuss about true differences between these two animal species in animal world.

In general the white rhino is bigger than the black or hook-lipped rhino.

This fact may warn you that you will not want a rhino to stand on your foot.

And yes, rhinos have hooked shaped mouth to be able to feed on bark and plants like shrubbery.

To make the animal to feed off easily taller shrubbery and the bark of trees, its face has upward position on the head naturally.

The black rhino tends to be extremely aggressive as it has short temper.

That is why it is called a solitary animal that likes only with its own company.

The white rhino usually has more weight than the black one but a bull can have double weight as much as the rhino by 2,500 kilos.

What looks very different is that the mouth shape of white rhino is broad and flattened that enable the animal to crop grass easily.