Conservations for Lions

Conservations for Lions
Conservations for Lions

Saving lion from the extinction seems to be very hard.

The amount of their population is declining significantly since 1950, and from the period of 1960s to today, their amount is decreasing for about 95%, from 400.000 to only 20.000 all over the world today.

The balance of ecosystem is important, even to maintain the population of such predators that is told as dangerous for human being.

The imbalanced ecosystem would endanger the whole life, including the human’s life.

Thus, thanks to the hard work of several organizations that keep conserving the lions to avoid them from extinction.

It is African Wildlife Foundation or known as AWF, one of the foundations that work in the field of conservation for wildlife, including the conservation of lions.

In the list of AWF’s lion conservation programs, we would find several, they are Lion PRIDE Initiative, Lion Research in the Maasai Steppe, Satao Elerai Lodge in Kenya, Steuben, and See “African Cats”, Save the Savanna.

If you want to know more about their programs and where they work, you can simply make a click on

They dedicate their job for the animal world with big effort. 

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