Deadly Killer beyond Calm Look

Deadly Killer beyond Calm Look
Deadly Killer beyond Calm Look

When we find the elephant in the zoo, we often think that the elephant is a totally friendly animal like dog.

Well, such statement is not really correct actually.

It is because although elephant is naturally a calm animal, but its real habitat is in the wild.

Therefore, it is very possible that some times, the elephant can be harmful for you.

That is why you should not get close to the elephant if there is no animal tamer nearby.

The elephant can kill you easily with its strong trunk and ivory.

Yes, indeed, behind the calm look and behavior, elephant is one of the most effective killers in the animal world.

Besides having strong trunk and ivories, the elephant also has big body and strong lets that can crush you like a batter.

Such big body can weigh up to 5 tons.

And its height can be as tall as a palm tree.

Well, although the elephant has all of those deadly tools but it is not really aggressive.

Elephant will not attack its surroundings if it does not feel any thread.

Therefore, you should be very careful with your behavior and attitude when you are near the elephant.

Do not make sudden movement or the elephant will go wild.