Different Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Different Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
Different Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart attack symptom which is very common is associated with the chest pain.

People will imagine someone who is grabbing their chest and suffering of the pain because of the heart attack.

However, this kind of symptom can only be found in men.

Women will not experience chest pain at all when they have heart attack.

The symptoms of heart attack in women are different from men so women should be more aware.

Common Symptoms in Women

One thing for sure, heart attack is still the number one killer for people all around the world.

If women do not want to be part of this number report, they should increase their awareness about heart attack symptoms.

In women, it will be extreme fatigue, disturbance of sleep, pain in neck, jaw, or back, indigestion, symptoms like flu, as well as anxiety.

Common Symptoms in Men

People can compare the symptoms of heart attack which can be found in men which include chest pain, weakness, dizziness, cold sweat, shortness of breath, and heartbeat which is irregular or rapid.

Now, people cannot just think that they have heart attack when there is chest pain.

Women should be more aware because they can take urgent care quickly after recognizing the specific heart attack symptom.