Dilemma of Protecting Wolves

Dilemma of Protecting Wolves
Dilemma of Protecting Wolves

As one of the endangered species, the presence of wolves is today protected very well.

The challenge of the protection often comes from the people with ranching interest that want to kill them.

In fact, the dilemma is also supported by the unstable spread and amount of the species in several areas that often seems to be “unfair”, to say there can be too few species of wolves in one area, and there are too many wolves in the other area.

The bad thing that can happen to the area in which there are too many wolves is that the people around can easily feel threatened.

It would be also bad for their livestock that is also threatened to loss for the prey of the wolves.

This is why, in several areas or countries, the hunting of wolves is still allowed, saying to keep the balance of ecosystem.

However, there seem to be too many interference of the mankind for the ups and downs of the population of wolves that make the unstable amount of the living wolves.

Protection is needed that their population is dwindling drastically, but they can give damage in the other side.

This is the dilemma that is being faced by US and India.