Disadvantages of Smoke for Smokers

Disadvantages of Smoke for Smokers
Disadvantages of Smoke for Smokers

Campaign about smoke and the disadvantages of smoke has been held by people who care about health.

Still, the amount of the smokers reduce just small of the total amount of it.

When talk about the disadvantage of smoke, it is not about the smokers issue but also the people who no smoke but will take the smoke around the smokers.

The following will be divided into two kinds of disadvantages.

The damage of the body

The first disadvantages you will get from smoke are damage on your body.

The damage on the body will include damage on the heart which is the first organ of your body that will feel the effect of smoke, the next is eyes organ which will be problem for smoker, lungs is the common organ which always get damage from smoke, and kidney organ which will get the worst damage from smoke.

Those are the common which always damage because of smoke.

The disease will be had

Besides damage of the organ in your body, it also will make you get some disease.

The disease as written on the cover such as diabetes, impotency, mouth cancer, the health of the teeth, respiratory disorder, sterility problem, and many others disease you will get from the disadvantages of smoke.