Distinguishing Wolves from Dogs

Distinguishing Wolves from Dogs
Distinguishing Wolves from Dogs

Often we see how wolves, although have different appearance from dogs, but seem to have many similarities.

Right now we can see what differ both of the species in detail so that we can have further knowledge about both, especially to recognize truly on what and how wolf actually is.

First, let us see on why they bark.

Wolves actually only bark for several reasons, but they do it seldom.

When they bark, it is usually the sign of threat.

They can bark for their packs as well, while we see, the dogs often bark for many reasons.

The face-lick greeting also becomes the sign of the difference of both species in the behavior.

The wolves seldom do that, or to be said as low frequency although it is such a common thing to do among them, but for the dogs, especially the types of toy breed, the frequency of face licking is much higher.

The maternal/paternal behavior is also interesting to observe, that while the dogs often do it variably, but there is often absent in males, for wolves, such a behavior is balanced.

Both male and the female regurgitate for their pups.

Let us start to protect wolves today.