Dragon Fruit Health Benefits

Dragon Fruit Health Benefits
Dragon Fruit Health Benefits

Dragon fruit, especially the pink one, is known as the super fruit. 

It contains very high nutrition such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3. 

It is definitely a super fruit with high anti oxidant that help fighting cancer and lowering blood pressure. 

There are also several health benefits of dragon fruit you have to know:

1. It cleans you digestive system

Dragon fruit has very high fiber and fruit protein that can help cleaning your digestive system. 

It can help reducing constipation when you eat the fruit for breakfast.

2. Fight diabetes

Dragon fruit has high fiber content that is able to stabilize the sugar level. 

It is suggested for you to consult to your doctor to adjust your diet.

3. Anti cancer

The mineral and vitamin in dragon fruit make it the best anti oxidant. 

It helps fighting cancer cell. 

However, it is must for cancer survivors to consult to the doctor for the diet. 

Some kind of anti oxidant is actually not recommended to be consumed by people with cancer.

4. Keep your heart healthy

The vitamin, mineral, fiber, and fruit protein in dragon fruit are able to clean your blood stream. 

Consuming dragon fruit everyday will also be effective to lower cholesterol level and help the heart performs well.