Dragon Fruits Beauty Benefits

Dragon Fruits Beauty Benefits
Dragon Fruits Beauty Benefits

Not only healthy, dragon fruit is also very useful to maintain your natural beauty. 

Dragon fruit has very high fruit protein and vitamin that makes it a great beauty ingredient. 

There are several beauty benefits you must know :

1. Reduce aging signs

Blend some dragon fruit and use it as facial mask once a week. 

It will keep your skin healthy and elastic.

2. Treating colored hair

Do not worry about your colored hair getting weak and damage. 

Just use a glass of dragon fruit as hair mask or conditioner. 

It will nourish your hair perfectly and keep it glowing and strong.

3. Reduce acnes

Acne problems can be very annoying. 

Use some dragon fruit juice and honey as natural facial mask. 

Apply the mask for about 20 minutes two times a week. 

The dragon fruit will be the best anti inflammation while honey will kill the bacteria.

4. Scar treatment

Dragon fruit has high vitamin B content that will be perfect to treat scar when it is combined with acid and vitamin C. 

You can mix some dragon fruit juice with lemon or lime juice. 

Apply the ingredients to the scars every day and leave it for 30 minutes. 

It will reduce the scar effectively.