Exotic Birds - The Yellow-rumped Warblers

Exotic Birds - The Yellow-rumped Warblers
Exotic Birds - The Yellow-rumped Warblers

The Yellow-rumped warblers are the colored little birds that are one of the commonest winter migrants on both the west and east.

These birds can be found in deciduous forest but actually they prefer coniferous forest.

We can find them at backyard feeders during the winter.

The males and females of yellow-rumped warblers have distinct appearance therefore in animal world they are called sexually dimorphic.

The males of Yellow-rumped warblers have dark gray body color with conspicuous yellow highlights on their heads, throats and underneath each wing, and black breasts.

The females of Yellow-rumped warblers have striped gray body with yellow patches underneath each wing and on their throat.

At the base of their tails, both males and females have yellow patches giving them their name.

Yellow-rumped warblers are distinctive because the species once considered to be two different species.

Based on slight differences in song and appearance they are separated as the western "Audubon's Warbler” and the eastern "Myrtle Warbler”.

These two populations are confirmed to be interbred during summer.

The populations of the eastern and the western are now considered as the Yellow-rumped Warbler’s subspecies.

As both subspecies cannot interbreed then we can say that they are not distinct enough.