Export-Import of Wolves

Export-Import of Wolves
Export-Import of Wolves

Protecting the wild life can be done in various ways.

The export import of animals is also now present to help the continuity of life of the ecosystem when it comes to be imbalanced.

This is what happens to the wolves in Sweden and Russia.

There are too few wolves in Sweden, while Russia has too many.

This is good to keep the balance of the ecosystem, because feeding wolves needs a great deal of deer and risk the livestock losses.

Too many wolves would also make the people around frightened.

Thus, the intention of the export import is highly appreciated.

The population of wolves in Russia is in fact considered stable, but high enough in some areas that they may need to be hunted.

Sweden, at the other side, needs to increase the genetic diversity of this species.

However, to quote the price of the wolf would not be that easy.

They need to be moved together with their packs and families, and this would surely be such an extra cost to count in.

The authorities have however stated that although they come with price, but there shall be not huge profit to be seen.

It is seen as recovery of population in the wildlife.