Facts about White Rhino

Facts about White Rhino
Facts about White Rhino

Rhino family has two species: the white and black rhinos.

The white rhino species [Ceratotherium simum] consists of two sub species: southern white rhino and northern white rhino.

In animal world, the northern white one is now rarely seen.

The name of white rhino is believed to a misinterpretation from the word “wijd” in Dutch that means wide, to the word “white” in English.

The wide here comes from the fact that the white rhino has very wide mouth for grazing.

In fact the animal is not white at all.

As the results, the narrower pointed mouth is used to refer the black rhino.

The generic name of white rhino, Ceratotherium is believed to be related to the Greek word “keras” that means ‘horn’ white “thorium means ‘beast’.

Simum in Greek has meaning of ‘flat nosed’.

White rhino can have weight from 1.4 – 3 tonnages.

The male of the animal is usually a little bit heavier than the female of it.

The heaviest white rhino ever recorded is 4.5 tonnages.

The study has found that the two horns of white rhinos are not made of bones but keratin.

The color of white rhinos ranges from slate grey to yellowish brown.

The species have noticeable humps on their backs.