Fingernails Healthy ; Do and Do not

Fingernails Healthy ; Do and Do not
Fingernails Healthy ; Do and Do not

There are conditions of healthy fingernails that indicate if they are less in fingernails care and need more attention. 

Are you sure your nails are healthy? 

Are your fingernails looks strong and healthy? 

On the other hand, they are ridges, dents or have unusual shape and color?

Normal finger nails condition

Your normal finger nails conditions composed with laminated protein layers that called with keratin. 

This part grows from your nail under cuticle base. 

The normal fingernails that healthy are shows with smooth nails without pit or grooves. 

They also have consistency in colors and free from discolorations or spots.

Unhealthy fingernails condition

Fingernails are able to develop harmless vertical ridges. 

Vertical ridges are develops from cuticle to the tip nail. 

It is tend to become more prominent with age. 

Here are conditions that you need to go to doctor if you see the nails condition.

· There is change in nail color such as discoloration that able to experience from entire nails or dark streak in under the nail

· There is change in nail shape such as curly nails

· The nails are thinning or thickening

· The nails are separated from surrounding skin

· There is bleeding in around of nails

· There is swelling or pain in around of nails

Fingernails care

Maintain your fingernails in their best condition with care with proper. 

Keep your finger stay dry and clean. 

This will prevent your nails from bacteria that grow in under your nails.

· Do hygiene practice with your nails.

· Give your nail moisturizer

· Apply protective layers