Food to Help Reduce Headache

Food to Help Reduce Headache
Food to Help Reduce Headache

Every people who always have headache may have their own way to reduce headache.

You cannot think headache is a small thing; it will ruin the mood and the activity when come on the busy time.

If you often have headache you may know and have a way to reduce or make the headache disappear.

But still, sometime you also need to know the other way to help reduce headache especially on the busy time.

You need to know the following way.

Reduce headache using chemical medicine

This will help you especially if you are on the work and have busy time at the time.

It will work quickly to help reduce the ache.

But it can be used only with recipe from the doctor after consultation.

You cannot use it as many as you want.

Reduce headache using natural medicine

There are a lot of natural essentials which will help to reduce the ache you get and gradually prevent the headache to come again.

Some foods which contain riboflavin and B2 Vitamin such as egg, tomato, spinach, and the others will help to reduce the ache and prevent headache.

Besides that, potassium and mineral will also help to reduce headache.