Foods to Avoid by Pregnant Mother

Foods to Avoid by Pregnant Mother
Foods to Avoid by Pregnant Mother

Being pregnant surely becomes very great experience for women because there are many things which change in their body.

They will focus on the way for supporting the health of the baby as well as the mother of course because it has very strong relation.

Many pregnant women think that they eat for two so they just eat anything as long as it can help them feel full.

In fact, there are some foods which must be avoided by pregnant mother.

Fruits sound like great foods for pregnant mother but pineapple becomes the fruits which should be avoided by pregnancy mother.

It is said that pineapple can cause miscarriage but pregnant mother must be careful when consuming this fruits because it contains bromelain which can cause diarrhea.

Besides pineapple, pregnant mothers also have to avoid the papaya which is not ripe enough.

It can cause the uterine contraction and this condition can bring danger to the baby.

Pregnant mother has to be careful when eating meat because it can contain salmonella and coli form bacteria.

It is okay for them to eat the meat which is freshly cooked but they should avoid the reheated meat.

Fish also needs to be avoided due to the mercury content which can harm the brain building of the baby.