Foods to Eat and Avoid when Have Flu

Foods to Eat and Avoid when Have Flu
Foods to Eat and Avoid when Have Flu

If people have healthy eating habit, they will be able to get healthier lifestyle.

It means that they will not suffer from disease and illness too often.

Flu sounds like the common disease which is not dangerous at all but it can cause great suffering for sure.

When people have flu, they need to eat the right food and avoid the foods which can make their condition worse.

Foods to Eat

People usually do not want to eat when they have flu but there are some great foods which can be useful during flu such as fresh fruits juice but it should not be sweetened heavily.

People will also get great benefits from unsweetened applesauce, broth, broiled or baked fish, broiled, roasted, or baked chicken, soups such as vegetable or chicken soup, and citrus fruits.

Liquids will be useful for keeping the body hydrated.

Foods to Avoid

People who have flu should avoid some types of food including the junk food which comes with empty calories like soda and candy.

They also need to avoid the excessive sweeteners like sugar, tea, coffee, alc*h*l, spicy foods, fried foods, dairy products, as well as excessive salt for avoiding body dehydrating and stomach upsetting which can ruin their condition.