Giraffe and Their Area of Living

Giraffe and Their Area of Living
Giraffe and Their Area of Living

In animal world, giraffe is famous as are the highest animal of all species.

They are known for their long necks.

Children will recognize it pretty easily when they come to the zoo as they are really different from the other animal.

Giraffe has Giraffa camelopardalis as their Latin name.

This name is not without reason as camelopardalis is derived from English archaic word camelopard which relate to the patches on the light background which resembles the patches in the leopard.

Giraffidae family only consists of giraffe and their closest relative, the okapi, and their extinct family.

Giraffe’s habitats are in the savannah, open woodlands, or in the grassland.

These open habitats most likely because they like to live in herd so that they need large area to live together.

Giraffes are really selective in eating habit so they need to live in the land that can provide all they need to live comfortably.

Nevertheless, when they cannot find their food, they will go to the areas with denser vegetation as they are herbivore.

They prefer the land in which they can find plenty acacia growth.

They also will drink a lot of water which will provide them enough fluid to live in long period.