Healthy and Tasty Foods to Help Reducing Stress

Healthy and Tasty Foods to Help Reducing Stress
Healthy and Tasty Foods to Help Reducing Stress

Feeling stressful is a common condition of psychology health suffered by most people.

It is mostly related to social problems, high pressured works, and many more factors.

When you feel so much stress, eating tasty foods is the most common solution taken.

It is actually the right way. However, you also should make sure that your foods are healthy too while reducing stress.

Find the stress reducing tasty foods below.


Avocado is favorite of many people for the good taste.

In fact, it is healthy too as well as containing up to 20 important nutrients that can boost your health, such as Vitamin E, potassium, B vitamins, etc.

Based on the Nutrition Journal study, eating one-half avocado in lunch time will support weight loss diet because it reduce the needs of snacking.

It also help lowering blood sugar and keeping steady mood so the stress will be reduced by consuming avocados.


Turkey is containing amino acid and tryptophan.

According to some researches, tryptophan is a nutrient that could improve pleasant feeling.

Besides in turkey, tryptophan also could be found in nuts, organic eggs, and also pumpkin seeds.


Salmon, anchovies and sardines are the sources of omega 3 fats DHA and EPA.

The fats are god for the goodness of emotional.

It has been studied in Brain Behavior and Immunity that resulted; the anxiety in medical students were reducing up to 20% after taking omega 3.

That is why omega 3 fats are also used as anti-depressant nutrition that will not cause side effects.