Hormone Imbalance Link Into Your Health

Hormone Imbalance Link Into Your Health
Hormone Imbalance Link Into Your Health

Hormones imbalace in our body are chemical messenger for your health signs.

It is normal when you feel irritable, bloated and not in your best in different times of your life such as your period and pregnancy or menopause that can lead into health issues.

Common health Problem related with Hormone Imbalance

Several health problems related with hormone imbalance such as condition below.

· Irregular period
· Sleep problem are able causes by lower level of progesterone. Lower estrogen can trigger hot flashes and night sweats that make hard to take rest.
· Chronic acne can be symptom of hormone problems. Androgens hormone excess can cause overwork oil glands that affect skin cells and causes pores clog that lead to acne occur.
· When your estrogen level dips up, you want to eat more and causes weight gain.
· Headaches can causes from lot of things. However, drops of estrogen hormone in some women can causes this aches especially when it is strike before or during the period.

Emotional Problem health with Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are most guilty for emotional problem.

Mood swings and depressions are the hormone imbalance issues that occur.

Drop in hormones or quick level changes in hormone level are able to cause moodiness and blues emotional feeling.

Estrogen affects to the key brains chemicals that play part of your feel.