Horse Breeding

Horse Breeding
Horse Breeding

The horse has been started to be domesticated since 3000 years ago and up today, human still uses the horse as an important part of farming, recreational and non-recreational purposes.

The horses used for the purposes are not obtained from wild region.

All horses that are used in the interaction with human are from domestication facilities.

The domestication starts when wild horse from wild animal world comes to the domestication center.

The experts and many horse riders try to breed domesticated horse.

They develop various horse breeds for various purposes.

For farming purposes, cold-blooded horse is the most suitable because they have strong power and endurance but easy to control.

For sport, hot-blooded horse is the best one because of their speed.

The breeds of horses are also used for recreational activity such as lazy horseback riding.

In some countries, horses also used to help police to patrol around their area.

To know more about the horse breeding, you can go to its facility in the nearest countryside.

You will be able to see the process of horse breeding with your own eyes.

If you can't afford it, you can also get many articles from the internet that gives you info about horse breeding facilities.