Horses; People’s Preferences

Horses; People’s Preferences
Horses; People’s Preferences

On the old western era, horse is one of the most important animals between all kinds of it in the animal world.

It has lots of functions.

Mostly, it is being used as labor on the farm or it was being used as the transportation media.

There are many kinds of horses in the world.

The European horses have been considered as the perfect horses for the riders.

Some others would rather to ride the Arabian horses.

They said that Arabian horses have the stronger power than other kinds of horses.

Well, each of us has preferences on horses.

Some people even prefer the small horses like the pony horses as their most favorite horses.

It looks beautiful and for some people, this kind of horses is more exotic than other kinds of horses.

The pony horse is smaller than the other kinds of horses.

This kind of horse is only as big as the donkey.

However, it has the performance exactly the same as the normal horse.

The composition of the pony horse is the same as the usual horse.

It has the longer hair than any other kinds of horses.

Surely, it would be the excellent kind of horses for the horse lovers.