How to Get a Bunch of Health Benefits of Celery

How to Get a Bunch of Health Benefits of Celery
How to Get a Bunch of Health Benefits of Celery

There are so many kinds of vegetables which you can consume to obtain its great benefits. 

If you often talk about spinach, mustard leafs, broccoli, and many more, we could not forget about celery. 

Sure, it is a type of vegetable which we often forget.

We often only use it as the garnish or even only to get the aroma to particular type of food. 

However, actually this kind of vegetable has a bunch of health benefits for your body if you consume it regularly.

Dealing with the Dry Eyes

One of the benefits of celery is to deal with the dry eyes. 

When you feel this problem, you can simply get celery and also spinach. 

Clean them well and mash them well until they become really smooth. 

Add a pinch of salt and a bit of fresh water. 

Get the juice of the substance and drink it regularly three times per day.

Lowering the Level of Cholesterol

Celery is high of vitamin A which will be great to lower the cholesterol and also the high blood pressure. 

That is also great to prevent cancer. 

You can simply consume it regularly, for example by getting the juice of celery.

Dealing with Cough

Celery is also great to treat cough. 

What you need to do is boiling celery with about two glass water. 

Then, you can strain it and get the water only. 

Let it a bit cold and add a table spoon raw honey. 

Consume it twice per day for getting the effective result.

Dealing with Anaemia and Rheumatic

Celery is also great for treating anaemia and rheumatic. 

That is really simple. 

You only need to juice or blend celery with pineapple and raw honey. 

Then, you can consume this juice regularly.