How to Keep Your Kidney Easily

How to Keep Your Kidney Easily
How to Keep Your Kidney Easily

Have you known how to keep your kidney to keep it healthy? 

Kidney is important organ in our body that should be kept every time. 


Without kidney, we can’t live healthy. 

When there is damage or disease in the kidney, we will suffer so much. 

So, try to keep your kidney to get healthy body. 

Here some tips to keep your kidney:

1. Consume much good nutrition for your kidney. 

You can consume fruits and vegetables and consume it every day to keep your kidney.

2. Consume food that contains fiber, prebiotics and probiotics. 

It makes your kidney always in good condition because the digestive system can work well.

3. Don’t sm*ke. 

If you are a sm*ker, try to stop your habit. 

Nicotine in the cigarette can cause the damage of kidney.

4. Don’t consume alc*h*l. 

Alc*h*l can cause high blood pressure, and then your kidneys will damage because of it.

5. Drink enough water. 

You can consume 8 glass of mineral water per day to keep your kidney and make it healthy every day.

6. Try to do simple exercise like walking or bicycling. 

These activities can make your kidney always in good condition.

7. Don’t consume antibiotic too much. 

Sometime the consumption of antibiotic can damage your kidney. 

So, limit the consumption of it to make your kidney becomes healthy every time.

Those are some information for you to keep your kidney. 

So, you can follow the tips above and get healthy kidney every day. 

Hopefully the tips about how to keep your kidney above will be useful for you.