How to Overcome Foot Cramp

How to Overcome Foot Cramp
How to Overcome Foot Cramp

Foot cramp can happen when you are too tired after exercising or wearing high hells all day.

So, how can we overcome foot cramp right away?

There are several easy steps to help you.

First, take off your shoes and lay down.

Try to relax and then press your feet against the wall.

It will relax your feet and improve your blood stream.

The wall will help your feet stay on the right position.

Second, massage your feet slowly with some oil.

After you get better, you can sit down, but still keep your feet on the first position.

And then, massage your feet slowly from the toe to your knees.

You can apply some massage oil to keep your feet warm and relax.

If you get foot cramp frequently, you can start soaking your feet into warm water with some salt.

The heat of the water will relax your feet and the salt will get your feet extra mineral and reduce the tense.

In some cases, cramp can be symptoms of serious diseases such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

It is always suggested for you to check your health and consume less salty food to balance the blood pressure.